Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial:query and SQL

Query and SQL

I. What is Query?

A query, a second object in Microsoft Access is used to retrieve data from a table, and update, delete, and insert data in a table.

II. How to Create a Query

In Microsoft Access 2007, we can create a query in two ways. They are:

II.1. How to create a query via query wizard

- Click Create tab--> Query Wizard

- Click Simple Query Wizard

- Click Ok--> Select any table that you want to create a query

- Click > sign to select fields

- Click Next till one dialog box below appears:

Microsoft Access 2007 Query title

II.2. How to Create Query via Design

- Click Create tab--> Query Design

Microsoft Access 2007 Create Query by Query Design

- Select any table that you want to create query and click add button

- Double-click or Drag and Drop any fields that you want

Microsoft Access 2007 Query Selected Field


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