Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial:unique values and top values

Unique Values and Top Values

III. Select Query(Cont')

Select query can be used to retrieve data in more complex ways. For example, you can use the select query to get no duplicate records or you can get a number of top records.

III.3. Retrieve no duplicate data

To retrieve no duplicate data, you have to set yes to unique values property of query.

Microsoft Access 2007 unique values property

Note: To show the property sheet above, you have to click property sheet on the ribbon or press F4 or Alt + Enter.

III.4. Retrieve Data with a Specified Number of Rows

You can specify a number of rows by setting the number to the Top Values property. How many rows do you want to show? For example, you want to show 5 records.

Microsoft Access 2007 top values property


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