Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial:create tables

Create tables

I. What is Table?

A table is constructed with a field or many fields and it is used for storing data or information. The data can be student information, teachers’ information, employees’ information, etc.

I. How to Create a Table

In Microsoft Access 2007, we can create a table in three ways. They are:

- How to create a table with Datasheet View

- How to create a table with Table Template

- How to create a table with Design View

II.1. How to Create a Table with Datasheet View

It is the first way to create a table. You can create a table by following the steps below:

- Open any database files you created

- Click Create tab-->Click Table as figure below:

Microsoft Access 2007 create table

II.2. How to Create a Table with Table Template

You can also create a table via Table Template by doing the similar steps:

- Open any database file you created

- Click Create tab-->Click Table Template as figure:

Microsoft Access table create table using template

- Select any template you like

III.3. How to Create a Table with Design View

It is the last and popular way in creating a table; in this way you can create a table which all features of a table are organized by yourself, such as field name, data type, field size, format, input mask, default value, required, etc. It is not far different from two ways above; you can do it by the following steps:

- Open any database files you created

- Click Create tab-->Click Table Design as figure:

Microsoft Access 2007 create table using design view

After you follow the three steps above, you will see a figure as below:

Microsoft Access 2007 Table in design view

It is a table in Design View format. As you see on the picture, there are three header columns: Field Name, Data Type and Description.

-Field Name: Where you have to write the field name of a table.

-Data Type: Data type determines the type of your data stored in each field of the table.

-Description: It is not required--you write description or not up to you.

On the picture above, you saw many data types of field name that are extremely important for you to know them because you will use these data types when you create a table. Table below is about data types that can be used.

Note:  You can create lookup wizard on a field of table if your table field has a data type as Text or Number.


Data Type




Text or mix of text, as well as number doesn’t use for calculation, such as telephone number, id number.

0 Up to 255 characters


The same of text data type but it is longer.

64Kb or 64000 characters


Numeric data use in mathematic calculation

1, 2, 4, 8 bytes


Date and time values

8 bytes


<>Currency values or Numeric data used in mathematic calculation

8 bytes


<>Number add to row automatically and uniquely

4 bytes


Boolean value(True/False)

4 bytes

OLE Object

Object such as graphic, Word, Excel ,etc.

1 Gigabyte


Text or number stored as text and use as Hyperlink Address or URL such as Website.

2048  bytes


Use for many types of data and attach them like email’s attachment file.


Lookup Wizard

Create default value for selecting when enter data into table.



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