Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial:lookup wizard

Lookup wizard

IX. Lookup Wizard

This wizard creates a lookup column, which displays a list of values you can choose from when you enter data into a table.

IX.1. Creating Value List Lookup Wizard

Value List Lookup wizard allows you to enter the values that you want them to display in Value List when you click lookup column. For instance, in tblemployee, sex field, you want to define F for female and M for male for choosing when you click column. To do so follow the instruction below:

- Open TblEmpoyee in Design View as figure:

Microsoft Access 2007 Lookup Wizard

- Where field sex click Lookup Wizard as figure above

Lookup Wizard dialog box appears:

- Choose the option as figure below

Microsoft Access 2007 Lookup Wizard options

- Enter F and M values in the list

- Enter lookup column name --> Finish

Finally, Open TblEmployee to check the result

Microsoft Access 2007 Look up result

: Name of lookup wizard field is optional.

IX.2. Creating Lookup Wizard by Retrieving Data from a Table or Query

This wizard allows you to take the values from existing field of table or query. For example, you want to get F and M values from existing sex field of TblCustomer. To implement example above do the following steps:

- From step one to three do the same creating value list lookup wizard

- Select this option

Microsoft Access 2007 Lookup Wizard from Table option

- Select TblCustomer table from the list

Microsoft Access 2007 table list

- Click Next and Select fields

Microsoft Access 2007 select fields list

- Click Next and Sort record as a figure

Microsoft Access 2007 sort record

This dialog box allows you to sort records in ascending or descending order.

Note: The sorting records is optional.

- ClickNext and click Finish

Finally, Open TblEmployee to check result.



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