Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial:export table

Export Table

X. Export Table

Exporting Table is a process of taking a table from current database to another access database or other file format such as excel, text file, word RTF file, SharePoint List, XML file, ODBC database, HTML Document and so on. Example below will show how export TblEmployee from SaleAndStock Database to Database1. To do so, follow the steps:

- Open SaleAndStock Database

- Right-click the table you want to export

- Click Export

- Click Access Database as a demonstrable figure:

Microsoft Access 2007 Export table

An Export-Access Database dialog box appears

Microsoft Access 2007 exort dialog box

- Click Browse button to look for the location of Database1 database

- Click Ok, you will get an Export dialog box below

Microsoft Access 2007 Export dialog option

- Click Ok



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