Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial:copy and paste tables

Copy and paste tables

V. How to Copy Table

Copying a table is like copying file in your hard drive, flash, or other storage devices. To copy a table follow the steps demonstrated below:

- Right-click the table that you want to copy

- Click Copy

Copy tables

- Past it under other tables

- And when you right-click the navigation pane on the left and click past table, one dialog box will load as figure below:

Paste tables

There are three options to pastes the copied table:

- Structure Only: Copy only structure of a table without the data and the conditions of a table.

- Structure and Data: Copy everything from the table.

- Append Data to Existing Table: Copy data from a table to an existing table.

Note: Both tables must have structure and conditions the same.

VI. How to Delete Row or Record

When enter a wrong data into a row or record, you may want to delete it in a whole row. You can do it and the first thing that you have to do is open the table you want to delete and follow the steps below:

- Select the row

- Click Key Delete or Right-click the row you selected and click delete

VII. How to Copy Row or Record to another Table

Open the table you want to copy the row or record and follow the steps:

- Select the row or record you want to copy

- Right-click the selected row --> Copy

- Past in the table you want to append data.

Note: In this case, both tables must have the number of fields equally unless your data will lose.


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