Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial:introduction to database

Introduction to database

I. What is Database?

Database is a warehouse or house for storing, processing, and securing the data. The examples below show the uses of databases that you commonly encounter:

- Member accounts in websites

- Credit card information in an ATM machine

- Documents that can be searched in your computer.

- Book information in a library system

II. How to Create Database file

We have three ways to create a database file. However, in this tutorial, we select two ways to introduce you. The two ways are:

- How to create a database file via Blank Database Wizard

- And how to create a database file via Local Template Database File

II.1. How to Create a database file via Blank Database Wizard

To create a database file, you have to do the following:

- Click Start--> All Programs--> Microsoft Office--> Microsoft Office--> Microsoft Office Access 2007--> Office Button--> New

Microsoft Access 2007 Getting Start 

-->Or you can click New Blank Database

File Name: Enter a database’s name.

Folder Open Icon: Brow for a location to put your database.

Create Button: Create a new database.

- Write database name in the file name box

- Click Folder Open

- Click Create button

II.2. How to Create a database file via Local Template Database Wizard

To create a local template database file, you have to do the similar way as shown above:

--> Start-> Program--> Microsoft Office--> Microsoft Office Access 2007
Local Templates--> select any local database templates which you like

III. How to Exit from Microsoft Access 2007

To exit from Microsoft Access 2007, you have to do the following:

- Click Button​​ Office

-Click Exit Access or Click Close Button or Press Alt+F4

IV. How to Open Existing Database File

If you want to open existing database file--Microsoft Access file which you created before, you have to follow the step below:

--> Open Ms.Access 2007--> Click Button Office--> Click Open as figure below:

Microsoft Access 2007 Open Database file

After you click Open, Open File Dialog will load; then you can select any database file that you want to open; next click Open Button.

V. How to Rename Database File

You can rename any database file you named it before by practicing as the following:

- Find the location of database file stored

- Right-click database file you want to rename

- Click Rename

- Write new name for database file and make sure database file extension(accdb) unchanged 

- Press Enter Key.

VI. How to Delete Database File

You sometimes want to remove database file that you created because you do not need to use it any more or because this file is useless. You can delete it by following the steps below:

- Close database file you would like to delete

- Find location of database file located in hard drive or other storage devices

- Right-click database file

- Click delete or Select database file

- Press Delete Key


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 thanks for this targeted quest

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