Ms Access 2010 tutorial: Copy Delete record field value

Copy and Delete record field value

III. How to Copy Record to another Table

Firstly, you have to open a table that you want to copy record(s) or row(s) and follow the steps below:

- Select the row(s) or record(s) that you want to copy

- Right-click on the selected row(s) or record(s)

- Click Copy

- Paste the copied record(s) in the destination table

Note: In this case, both tables must have the number of fields equally unless your data will lose.

IX. How to Delete Record

When you enter a wrong data in a record or row, you may want to delete it. To delete the row, you have to do the following steps:

- Open the table that you intend to delete the row

- Select the row as the figure below:

Microsoft Access 2010 delete row 

- Press Key Delete or right-click on the selected row and click delete

X. How to Delete Field Value

What is a field value? The every data that you enter in the field such as Java Programming, Ms.Access 2010, 012 123 456, The field value is commonly called a fact.

Microsoft Access 2010 field value 

To delete a field value do the following steps:

- Open the table that you want to delete a field value

- Select the field value as figure:

Microsoft Access 2010 delete field value 



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