Ms Access 2010 tutorial:introduction to ms access 2010

Introduction to ms access 2010

I . What is Microsoft Access 2010?

Microsoft Access 2010 is a Database Management System(DBMS) of Microsoft Company. The purpose of creating this application is to allow the users to store and manage their data easily. For example, you can create databases to store and manage the following information:

- The products in a warehouse

- The borrowing and books a in a library

- Students' information

- Teachers' information

- Orderings in the supper market

- Buying and sale information in the restaurant

- The administrative tasks in a company or an institute and so on

Access 2010 plays two roles--back end and front end. Back end means that Access has ability to store the data. Front end means that you can create forms as interface to enter, update, delete, and move data in the table.


Microsoft Access 2010  


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i have a question i want to create a project and i have 4 table i already made 4 quires as well my tables have few Relations as well table to table that is ok working right now i want to join the quires and i would like to all quries work with same ID i mean whenever i am entering the date to one quries another quiry take ID Automatically as well also i want to made forms as well i know to made form but just i have problem with joing of quries if anyone help me thanks in advice

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