Write a program in C++ for the local shop in your neighbourhood. The program must do the following:
- Record at least 3 products with the product details including the product id.
- Record the buying price of the product
- Calculate the selling price of each product. The selling price is as follows:
o If the product is above $25, then the selling price is 10% more than the buying price. If the product is $25 or under then the selling price is 20% more than the buying price.
- Have a message displayed in your program clearly showing the following for each product:
The Product Id, the buying price, the selling price and the profit per product.
In your program, please ensure you put in comments, you have clear and meaningful names for your variables and you have a clear structure for your coding including the use of indentation. Make sure any assumptions made are clearly mentioned. You need to use at least one constant in your coding.
To submit your work, please use a Word document. The word document should contain the following:

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