c++ programming...Please help me to solve the programme

A glass return company requires a program which will calculate the amount of credit due to a customer who returns boxes of empty bottles. (One box contains 10 bottles.) Input to the program is a record containing the customer’s name and a number. This number contains the number of full or partly full boxes of empty bottles the customer has returned (e.g. 8.5 indicates 8 full boxes and one half-full boxes). If a box returned by a customer is more than half full, it is to be counted as full. If 8 or more boxes are returned, the customer is to receive $4.00 per box; otherwise the customer receives $3.50 per box. The program is to print the customer’s name, the number of cases returned, the number of full boxes credited and the credit amount due.

By colawow7 asked on 2017-08-16
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