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Hi, i am Java beginner. I know how to write and read text to and from a text file using FileWriter and FileReader. However, they are not capable of writing and reading object to and from a file. What classes should i use to achieve this goal? please help.

By sakara99 asked on 2015-12-17
answer to this question

By yuk.dara

To write an object to a file (serialization), you use ObjectOutputStream wrapping a FileOutputStream object. To read the object back from the file (deserialization), you use ObjectInputStream wrapping a FileInputStream object. The object to be written to the file must implement the Serializable interface.

class Customer implements Serializable{

public static void writeObject(Customer obj){
FileOutputStream fos=new FileOutputStream("test.bin");
ObjectOutputStream oos=new ObjectOutputStream(fos);
}catch(IOException ie){}


public static Customer readObject(){
Customer Object=null;
FileInputStream fis=new FileInputStream("test.bin");
ObjectInputStream ois=new ObjectInputStream(fis);

}catch(Exception ie){}
return Object;


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