Program to send e-mail message in Java


This is a simple program that can be used to send e-mail messages with attachment in Java. You can attach one file to your e-mail message. Before you use the program to send e-mail message, you must configure the mail. The configuration form allows you to enter the outgoing server name, port, user name and password to log in the server. After you configured the mail, the settings are saved. So, you don't need to configure the mail next time that you want to send e-mail messages. To send an e-mail message, you need to enter recipients' e-mail addresses, subject, and message. File attachment is optional. You can send the e-mail message to many recipients. For security reason, your password is encrypted. Its source code is free to download at the right side of this page. It might be useful to people who want to learn Java code to send e-mail to recipients. This program uses Apache Commons Mail API to process outgoing mails. So you need to download the API from to run the code.

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