Implement comment feature in web pages in PHP


This is php example code that integrates comment feature to web pages. The visitor is able to write comments and post them on the pages. The security code check is implemented. The comments are not saved unless the visitor enters the correct code displayed on the captcha image. For this example application, the visitor can edit and delete a comment from the pages. However, in real practice, you should place edit and delete functionalities in an admin page. Visitors only see and post comments on the web pages. The pagination functionality is also implemented to segment comments on a web page into different pages. The zip file of the example application contains six files: commentform.php, editform.php, index.php, datamanip.php, editrec.php, and test.sql. The commentform.php file is a web form that allows the visitor to add comment to web pages. It can be included in any web page. In this example code, it is included in the index.php page. The editfrom.php is a web form that allows the visitor to edit a comment. It is included in the editrec.php page. The datamanip.php file contains a class called DataHandler. It defines methods that can be called to connect to Mysql database, read comments from a table, delete a comment from the table, and update a comment. This file is included in the index.php and editrec.php files. The editrec.php page is displayed when the user clicks the edit link on the index.php to update a comment. This page displays the edit form. The test.sql file contains example records of comments. You can import the file to Mysql Server and use the example records. Alternatively, you can create a new database and a table by yourself.

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