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Hi everyone, this is a zipper application written in C# programming language. This program is an assignment of a year IV group assignment of IT department, Cambodia Cooperation Institute. The program can be used to zip files and folders and extract zip and rar files on Windows platform. It uses two important libraries: Ionic.Zip and ChilkatDotNet2. The Ionic.Zip library is used to create a zip file and extract a zip file, and the ChilkatDotNet2 is used to extract a rar file. Its source code can be downloaded free at the right side of this page. I hope that it will be useful to C# lovers. Thank you to people in the group assignment.

The zipper application is easy to use. To zip files, you will click the zip file icon on its main interface. A file dialog displays. You can select multiple files to create a zip file. To zip folders, you can click the zip folder icon. After you select files or folders, click the zip icon to zip the files or folders. To extract a zip file, click the Extract zip icon. Similarly, you can extract a rar file by clicking the Extract rar icon. One limitation of the program is that it cannot create a rar file.

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Download link: CsharpZipper.rar

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