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The Access 2007 tutorial with examples covers the various topics of Access 2007 from the ground up. Each point of the tutorials contains examples that can help you learn the lesson easily. This Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial also includes VBA (Visual Basic For Applications) and SQL (Structured Query Language) lessons that are important for those who want to become professional in Access 2007. VBA for Access 2007 and SQL are crucial parts that you need in database management work.

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i need help with this assignment

An international mobile phone company has three different rate plans for its customers:

Rate Plan Description
A For $19.95 per month 200 minutes of call time are provided. Additional usage costs $0.08 per minute.
B For $34.95 per month 500 minutes of call time are provided. Additional usage costs $0.06 per minute.
C For $59.95 per month unlimited call time is provided.

Write a program that calculates a customerâs monthly bill. It should input customer name, mailing address, telephone number, the month, which package the customer has purchased, and how many minutes were used during the month. It should then create a bill that includes the input information and the total amount due. As an incentive from the mobile phone company to its customers, the program should also display how much money Package A customers would save if they purchased packages B or C, and how much money package B customers would save if they purchased package C. If there would be no savings, no message should be printed.
Input Validation: Be sure the user only selects package A, B, or C.



Check this for unique and frequently asked c# interview questions


Anil Sharma:

Can you please tell me how did you did the coding of this website.I would like to have a reference because as part of my mini project i am also developing a website with articles and queries which will be answered by experts like code project.



It is useful to me. Please keep it updated.



I created a separate site for Android here:



add about Android....sir



I found a good resources to learn programming languages.Wonderful and needful job sir,thanks a lot



I like this site. Thanks



Thank you for this useful website.


Leng Sovandara:

wonderful Website. I am proud of Khmer



Thank you for this useful website for students.



This c program may help you:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
float price1;
float price2;
float total;
printf("%s","Enter price 1:");
printf("%s","Enter price 2:");


return 0;



Modify this similar program to solve your problem:



This program from the link below can convert many currency types:


Gayan Weerakkodi:

I'm from Sri Lanka and new to java. I learn lot of things from this site. thanks all for all of this..



1. Marcy's Department store is having a BoGotto(Buy One,Get One HalfOff) sale. The store manager wants a program that allows the salescheck to enter the prices of two items. The program should both calculate and display the total amount the customer ones. The half off should always be taken on the item having the lowest price. for example if the item cost $24.99 and $10 the half off would be taken on the $10 item. a. create a flowchart for the problem, and then test the program w/ the following for the first test, use 24.99 and 10 as the prices. For the second test, use 11.50 & 30.99



Will you please answer this Urgently. Thankyousomuch
@. Currency traders wants a program that converts american dollars to British pounds, Mexican pesos and Japanese yen and then display the results. Use the following conversion rates for One American dollar : 0.571505 British pounds;10.7956 Mexican pesos, and 112.212 Japanese Yen.



i dont know how to say thank you !!!
exelent website :D


pheun vireak:

Hello teacher. I wish you add more topic about dynamic website coding.



thanks for the exercises i keep on going through them as practice


Rithan (cambodia):

I am so glate to see your site and very thankfull for you and your team to create this site up. i am account but like to know about progaming so much and want to know it like all you guy in here. hope see more tip and example to make a point more clearer.....Still thanks...:-) ;-) ;-D



good site for learning students ;)



Thanks for the excersices..i will continue to track this site!


Sea Mengkeang:

thanks you so much for creating this web to help the student who want to learning programming online. i want you to add more exercises, examples, especially solutions.


Kamta Prasad Mishra:

I am very impres with your web site since loat of learner laren of oop/.net tech.....



I found a good resources to learn programming languages.


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